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Situated on Portinatx Puerto's beach in the north coast of Ibiza island, we have a spacious and renovated facilities to make your dives more comfortable in the most unspoiled and unknown area of the island.

All our usual diving points are in between the Hormigas island near Cala San Vicente and the Margaritas islands in front of Santa Ines, in area known as Es Amunts, a well preserved area with a high ecological value. In total more than 40 dive sites to suit all tastes and levels.

Shallow dives for the more novice in quiet coves and beautiful islands such as Murada Island, one of the best dives of the north coast or in caves, like the famous cave of light and the hercules columns, the Ses Caletes Caves and the blue holes, all suitable for all audiences, without previous experience or training in cave diving.

For the more experiences, Ibiza's northern coast offers endless possibilities. The cathedral in front of the Moscater lighthouse in undoubtedly the jewells of the dives in Portinatx area but due to its great depth is suitable only for a few. The balcony in punta Galera, the walls of punta Xarraco and the stuning Margaritas islands are some of the excellent dive sites of the north coast.

Also during the summer, we make excursions to the more known diving spots outside our usual dive area, like the Don Pedro wreck, in front of ibiza city, the platform in Espardell, a small island next to Formentera, Es Vedra, one of the Ibiza's icons and La bota in front of Cala D'or. So you will not miss any of the good spots in the Ibiza's waters.


We are located just 20 meters away from the water, in the quiet el puerto beach in Portinatx. To get to our dive center you should arrive to Portinaxt town, located 8 kilometers away from San Juan de Labritja, in the north of the island of Ibiza. Arriving in Portinatx go straight through the village until the road ends on the El Puerto beach. 

There we have a 80 square meters office with locker room, showers, a little shop and the bookings office. Also in the office we have a spacious terrace to relax after the dives with a space to give the theory lessons and a place to hang the wet equipment to get dry.


In front of our office we have a lodge in the beach where we keep all the equipments and the air charging station. From this lodge we get ready for the dives and rise the scuba diving equipments in order to get storage in the lodge again.

Our boat is a 7,5 meters Valiant RIB with a 250 H.P specially design for diving. Its features make the navigation sections a really pleasant ride, even to our usual more distant dive sites, no more than a 20 minutes trip.

The boat deck configuration, with a confortable tank rack in the center where we load all the equipment, the wide spaces inside the boat that make really easy to equip or dress for the dive and the specialy desing for divers gangway, make our boat the best alternative to visit the north part of ibiza island.

Our skipper, with great knowledge in the world of diving, as is also a scuba instructor may respond appropriately to situations that may arise during a dive because of his training and experience.

In the boat we count with all the security features like first aid equipment, first aid kit and a oxygen tank to give treatment 

Rates 2019

Simple dives
 one dive
 SIX dives
        TWELVE dives
Dive with weight belt and tank
40 €
216 €
406 €
Dive with whole equipment
50 €
297 €
528 €
Night dive (supplement)
10 €
Double dive
Dive with weight belt and tank
 75 € (the two dives)
Dive with whole equipment
 95 € (the two dives)
* Rate only valid on the double dives that we make on the mornings from monday to saturday
Dive courses
Discover Scuba Diving
100 €
Scuba Diver
340 €
Open Water Diver
450 €
Advanced Open Water Diver
380 €
Emergency First Response
180 €
Rescue Diver 
460 €
700 €
Nitrox speciality
180 €
Dry Suit Speciality
220 €
Deep Dive Speciality
325 €
Sidemount speciality
 350 €

Contact info

Subfari Portinatx s.l.

Puerto de Portinatx s/n

07810 Portinatx, Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza

Office Phone: +34 971 33 75 58


Mobile phone: Israel Lopez Bengoa +34 677 46 60 40

Mobile phone: Vicente Jaume Escandell +34 61914 34 07

Dive sites

In Subfari Portinatx we do dives every day from the 1st of may to the 31st of october.

Monday to friday: Double dive in the morning (meet at  09:00Hrs, finish at 13:30Hrs) and a single dive in the evening (meet at 16:00Hrs, finish at 18:00Hrs)

Saturdays and sundays: Single dive in the morning and evening. Morning dive (meet at 09:30Hrs, finish 11:30Hrs) evening dive (meet at 16:00Hrs, finish 18:00Hrs)

During the winter months, we open only in weekends, if the weather allow us, making one dive each day, one on saturdays and one on sundays.

Agujeros azules (blue holes)

The blue holes is one of the best dives in Portinatx. The dive point is located in front of Punta Xarraco, a few meters from the coast. We anchor the boat in a 4 meters deep platform which is perforated by numerous holes that give way to a beautiful cave, very bright due to these natural skylights. Swiming toward open sea, we find a drop to 9 meters, where the cave entrance is located.

La catedral (the cathedral)

In construction, we will upload the text as soon as posible.

Las Chernas (the Goldblotch groupers)


Punta Xarraca (Xarraca point)


Isla Murada (Murada island)


Cueva de la luz y las columnas de Hercules (cave of light and the pillars of Hercules)

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Cuevas de Ses Caletes (Ses Caletes caves)


Diving courses

In construction, we will upload the text as soon as posible.